Our Story

Hi, I’m Mana, designer and founder of manamo design. I have studied product design, have worked in design field for few years and I’m a hobby painter, my painting journey has helped me a lot to create my design identity.

Having dream of my own fashion accessories brand, I have been gathering my ideas for a long time, till today I could finally bring them to reality.

Why 3d print? 3d print enables me to have enough prototypes before deciding for final design. I can print my design, feel it, test it and improve it, before it reaches my costumers.

My goal is to produce light-weight fashionable accessories with environmental concerns in many colors. Coloring is the most challenging and as my choices are limited to water based nontoxic colors to avoid any negative effects on skin, it makes it even more tough.

I’m still in my way to improve my designs in terms of quality and durability, thanks for supporting me in my path!